Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia

Author: William Shawcross
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by shadowsweep   2018-11-10

ya ok there...

since you love ranting about ip theft

>…the U.S., and for that matter, almost every Western nation, might wish to remember their own, no-holds-barred campaigns to swipe industrial secrets.”

>“Throughout the 18th century, every European power attempted to rip off industrial secrets”

>…one nation in particular was known for using the illicit methods to great advantage: the U.S. In the country's very first years, aspiring industrialists looked to Europe and quickly learned to take the easy way out, stealing instead of inventing.”

China didn’t invent industrial espionage


When will the West compensate China for gunpowder, compass, moveable block press, paper, porcelain, tea, and silk tech?


BTW, here is your human rights record [just a glimpse]

First Nations




Asians are a much longer list




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