Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Ex, Vol. 1 (light novel): The Dream of the Lion King (Re:ZERO Ex (light novel))

Author: Tappei Nagatsuki, Shinichirou Otsuka
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by WaterNeko   2019-07-21

Re:Zero EX1 is about Ferris and Crusch's past. It's a novel which has been officially translated:

The part where Crusch finds Ferris is not in the volume, but instead in a separate story. Part of that story has been translated (the part where she finds him) and I'll link it to you once I find it. I don't have a link to it right now.

Here is a part of "The Successor of Blue" short story. Ferris gets the title "Blue" in this story. Only a part of it has been translated:

There are also more short stories about Ferris, but they haven't been translated. Not even parts of them.

by FindthePenny   2019-07-21

She's From this book! And the Anime re:Zero Ex, Vol. 1 Re:ZERO Ex light novel! This volume was written after the anime and its very, very good in my opinion, Its basically standalone, And its pretty tact with Ferris as a character, ~~And its the one where she's revealed to be trans~~

by WaterNeko   2019-07-21

You can find it from places like Amazon

by WaterNeko   2019-07-21

You can buy the EX1 novel from places like Amazon.

No other Ferris and Crusch side/short stories have been fully translated yet.

by WaterNeko   2019-07-21


by PervertedHisoka   2018-11-10


It's really really really good. Definitely read it!

by PervertedHisoka   2018-11-10

First of all, great episode.

Now that we are so close to the end and Ferris the best cat had such a nice scene, let me advertise a little bit.

This right here:

is a special Light Novel volume about Felix/Ferris and Crusch. It's about their past. It's awesome. Read it.

Also, Theleux, can you let me back to the Discord server? I feel lonely. I have learned my lesson.

by PervertedHisoka   2018-11-10

If you are reading the LN and you don't like Felix/Ferris, you definitely must read this:

He is great.