Practical C Programming: Why Does 2+2 = 5986? (Nutshell Handbooks)

Category: Programming
Author: Steve Oualline
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by raddan   2022-10-11
I am surprised to see nobody mention Practical C Programming ( by Steve Oualline. Before I studied computer science in school, I read this book and successfully taught myself C. Readers here may consider it to be a bit remedial, but if you’re struggling to understand the other recommended books, start here. I attempted to read K&R half a dozen times back then, unsuccessfully. Looking back at it now, I can see why: K&R’s examples are hard for true beginners to wrap their minds around. I now teach C as a part of an upper level undergraduate course; the key to understanding most of C’s counterintuitive behavior is to have a clear understanding of its relationship with memory. In fact, I quite like C. It is simple and elegant in many ways. It is also just super unsafe.
by AviewAnew   2017-08-20

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