Thinking Physics: Understandable Practical Reality

Author: Lewis Carroll Epstein
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by abecedarius   2019-06-08
It's not easy and you'd need to find problems to work, but is not free, but also excellent and gentler.
by abecedarius   2018-02-27
Thinking Physics:

It's a little bit like The Little Schemer in that it often asks you a question and expects you to try to answer it before turning the page (or turning it upside down). The problems tend to go like "if you did this, would that (A) increase (B) decrease (C) stay the same" or "(A) increase by one (B) double (C) quadruple" -- to minimize technical machinery while still engaging you with genuine problems, not vague analogies.

The same author has a book on relativity which looked very good from the first couple of chapters I read.