IBM's 360 and Early 370 Systems (History of Computing)

Author: Emerson W. Pugh, Thomas J. Misa
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by Koshkin   2018-09-06
> Do you miss 70s hardware?

Yes; IBM System 360/370, for example, was a marvel of engineering and design, with a remarkable history [1]; so were the first microprocessors, such as MOS Technology's 6502 [2]. The best part was, you could know all of it, if you wanted, down to the transistor level - the geek's Holy Grail. With modern chips/systems you cannot any longer, not even with the Raspberry Pi.

I wish IBM's revolutionary architecture lived on in our PCs; good engineering pays off, and today's software could be more sane, as people would be learning from the giants rather than wasting time on a massive scale trying to reinvent the wheel.