Amara's Rose (Chronicles of the Key) (Volume 1)

Category: Fantasy
Author: Brianna Goux
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About This Book

The Key is a sacred object which allows its holder to open portals to other planets at will. Passed down through her family, the Key marks Rose as the Gatekeeper for the planet of Amara and entrusts her with keeping it safe from harm.
This is a job she had always known to be laid-back—that is, until her mortal enemy attacks. Amidst a battle to protect her home, Rose disappears. Waking up on Earth she discovers the portals have stopped working and that she must team up with Earth’s Gatekeeper, Derek, to get back to Amara.
The clock is ticking as Rose’s friends on Amara try to determine where Rose went and how to bring her home, all the while fearing she may be lost forever. As the struggle to return continues, something more sinister grows out of sight, and more than the lives of those on Amara are at stake.


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Check out her Amazon page. . People from the AMA left low reviews.

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