Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Category: Business Culture
Author: Roger Fisher, Bruce Patton, William Ury
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by yasserkaddour   2017-09-26
These blogs post from @patio11 talk about salary negotiation [1] [2]

The book he recommends for negotiation is "Getting to Yes" by Roger Fisher. [3]

Like you, I would appreciate recommendation for the rest.


by jakewolf   2017-08-19
"Getting to Yes"
by furyg3   2017-08-19
For a really good primer in basic negotiations, take a look at Fisher & Ury's Getting to Yes (

It's a quick read but very useful, and these guys are respected in the field of negotiation.

by jakarta   2017-08-19
Getting to Yes is a pretty classic negotiation book: