The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure

Author: Greg Lukianoff, Jonathan Haidt
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by 0x45454545   2019-01-13

Dette er et fryktelig skummel global (vestlig) trend, og det ser bare ut til å bli verre.

Et nytt studie viste nettopp at polariseringen i USA er verre enn mange tror. Og det blir ikke bedre med det første.

Tverrpolitisk samarbeid er ikke-eksisterende, fiendskapet er ekstremt, det hagler med merkelapper og skjellsord, det er ikke rom for nyanser, det er ekstrem vi-mot-dem-tankegang. Mye er svart-hvitt.

Se f.eks. på Kavanaugh-høringene nå. Twitteren min koker iallfall enda.

Leser Coddling of the American Mind av Jonathan Haidt nå, som ser ut til å toutche litt i innpå noen av fenomene man ser nå. Det gjelder kanskje først og fremst den nye generasjonen (iGen) som nå er kommet opp på universiteter, arbeidsliv og politikk.

Det er trist, mange snakker om polariseringen og ønsker å gjøre noe med det, men ingen ser ut til å vite hva som skal til.

Kanskje forby sosiale medier? :)

by captaindomon   2019-01-13

Two general thoughts, not related to the specific news item:

  1. Culturally, at least in my lodge, I would hope we are more strict on each other than the "world" would be generally. If a police officer brother pulled me over, I would expect him to be MORE LIKELY to give me a ticket than otherwise, because "A Mason should know better!"
  2. "Remember, you have promised to remind him, in the most tender manner, of his failings, as well as vindicate his character, when wrongfully traduced". I read the lesson there that we should encourage each other to be better, by talking to each other, not to push all our problems to a higher authority. There is a good book I was listening to the authors discuss: [ Their point is that society today is not teaching us to resolve our disputes with each other, it's teaching us that the only way to do things is to escalate and "report" to a higher authority - college president, boss at work, police, whatever. We have lost the ability, as a society, to solve most of our own problems in a dignified way by interacting directly with each other. Instead, we just report everything to someone else, and we expect them to solve the problem for us. Ultimately that doesn't work, because the higher authority is just another version of us - we as a society have to figure out how to solve things with each other.
by Edman006   2019-01-13

Social Media and less social interactions. Great book that breaks it down below.

The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure

by gnicholas   2019-01-03
Jonathan Haidt is a famous social psychology professor at NYU, whose work has been widely cited in recent years. He co-authored the book The Coddling of the American Mind:
by systemrename   2018-11-10

they are teaching students to nurture a kind of hypersensitivity that will lead them into countless drawn-out conflicts in college and beyond. Schools may be training students in thinking styles that will damage their careers and friendships, along with their mental health.

The Coddling of The American Mind

by RideFarmSwing   2018-11-10

Thanks for your openess, I recognize your username from the sub and will do my best to summarize a pretty big issue down to a digestible size and will pop some resources at the bottom.

So Bret Weinstien was a evolutionary biologist at Evergreen state college down in the states. Since the 1970's that super leftist college has been doing radical things like having a day of absence that is designed to show how important People of Colour are to the campus by having all POC not show up on a particular day. In like 2017 (maybe 2016) the student organizers tried to switch it up to an all non POC don't come to campus day. Bret was objecting to this saying that it does not demonstrate the same message as the original protest. It takes it from how important POC are to isloating out non POC. IMO it took it from pro to con, which is never a great way for anyone to feel.

Bret wrote some staff emails about how he thinks they should shift it back to the old system and the student body goes wild. Start calling him racist, threatening him, threatening his wife who is also a professor there, demanding his resignation. Fast forward a few months and there are protests about him. Students are militarizing, holding university administration and making them listen to their demands, and being what can only be described as to an academic as radical.

That book I mentioned when through like 4 examples of things just as wild. The biggest thing I fear is that almost all of the targets that these radicalized call our culture folks are going after are fellow left learning people who were not towing the new party line. Layers who worked for the ACLU, Deans who started LGBT clubs in the 90's, and I just fear that it's people like me who since highschool have been out there grinding for progress.

The book I mentioned by Jonathan Haidt who also wrote great books in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and what makes people become polarized is 100% the most important book for people to read right now. It goes over a 3 point outline of why the campus culture is so damaging to future progression. The website to support the book also has tons of great reading about how we can redirect it positively.

Certainly open to discuss it more, I think it's super neat, but does scare me.

by richardwaters_r   2018-11-10

Also, recent discussion with the authors on Youtube (no affiliate) on Amazon.