How Linux Works, 2nd Edition: What Every Superuser Should Know

Author: Brian Ward
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by orispy   2019-11-17

This is the best book. Sets a firm foundation that you get nowhere else.

How Linux Works, 2nd Edition: What Every Superuser Should Know

by super_tight_xyz   2019-11-17

How Linux Works 2nd ed. is a great book for learning the overall concepts. It also goes into enough depth so that it’s a great read for those who already have a good bit of Linux experience but want insight into what’s going on underneath the hood.

by techjuice   2017-08-19
If you want to become a professional and not just a dabbler I would recommend reading some of the following books I have in my bookshelf:

[0] RHCSA & RHCE Training and Exam Preparation Guide by Asghar Ghori. This book will help insure you know your stuff as your system engineer/administrator wise.

[1] A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editor and Shell Programming Third Edition. This book will cover the majority of what you would need and want to know when connecting to a remote linux system over ssh.

If you want to get under the hood and become an expert, the following books should help get you started:

[2] Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment

[3] The Linux Programming Interface: A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook

[4] Linux Kernel Development 3rd Edition

To get a nice general overview and get up and going quickly:

[5] How Linux works: What every superuser should know

[6] The Linux Command Line

[7] Python Crash Course

[8] Automate the boring stuff with Python. This is a great book to help you think about how to automate most of the repetitive things you will end up doing on a regular basis.