United States of America's congressional medal of honor recipients and their official citations

Author: R.J. (Editor) Proft


by killjoywashere   2018-11-23
You're asking for something that doesn't make news. There's multiple classes of this.

The untold hours NCOs and officers spend sweating details to reduce moral ambiguity in operations.

If you want is to see men take bullets for innocents, there are plenty of them but, unfortunately, there aren't many people around to tell those stories. A few have made it out, and you can find some of them in the Medal of Honor citations (1)

General Dean's delaying action at the outbreak of the Korean war (2).

More subtly, General Shinseki testifying to Congress against administration dogma on the number of troops needed in Iraq, and sticking to that despite intense pressure.

Admiral McRaven's life in general.

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