The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

Category: Mathematics
Author: Larry Gonick
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by cschmidt   2019-03-31
I recommend The Cartoon Guide to Statistics, as a good way to get into stats. I've taught a class using it work a number of times, and it makes a great first exposure. The equations are there, explained in a really nice way.

by albertcardona   2017-08-20
Read the "Cartoon Guide to Statistics". It's no joke. Rather, perhaps the book that explains statistics in the clearest way.

by Loic   2017-08-20
The test is running only for 12s. It should at least run for a couple of minutes and several times with a clear control of what is going on on the server at the same time.

You do not even know the memory load, what was running at the same time on the server, etc. It is like throwing one blue dice and one yellow. You get a six on the first and a three on the second and consider through your not terribly scientific benchmark that you get more with blue dices.

Recommended reading for the author:

Not a joke, this is a really good book about the test side of the stats.

by sp332   2017-08-20
There's the Cartoon Guide to Statistics ( ), which, despite its name, is pretty solid and comprehensive book on basics. And definitely not boring!