Munson, Young and OkiishiÂs Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

Author: Bruce R. Munson, Wade W. Huebsch, Philip M. Gerhart, Alric P. Rothmayer, Andrew L. Gerhart, John I. Hochstein
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by chesterjosiah   2017-08-19


by too_spicy_for_soros   2017-08-19

Hey guys, this is the textbook - as you can see, it is really $950 for a used hard copy.

Reddit loves to fact-check, so I'm sure you'll find that you can buy the looseleaf version for $160 , but if you check the reviews you'll see that it's been printed with no diagrams, making it almost useless (this is confirmed by someone I know irl who bought it for the course. This is also the version that our bookstore carries for $200, amazingly). You'll also see that you can buy the online version, which is nice, but for fluids you need lots of tables to use during tests and since having laptops open during tests is too much of a liability, the professor only allows hard copies of the tables for tests.

I'll be using a pdf version of the book (not one from Amazon, that's all I'll say...), and printing out the tables for the tests. If I'm not allowed to do that I'll just drop the course, because there's no way in hell I'm buying the $950 hard copy like she is pressuring.

Oh, and here are screenshots of the course syllabus showing that we do actually need the book, and yes it is only for a few weeks (4 actually, not 6 - the first 6 weeks are with another book which is sold for $215 at our bookstore)

by bumbletowne   2017-08-19

He already posted it elsewhere