Eating Animals

Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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About This Book

Part memoir and part investigative report, Eating Animals is the groundbreaking moral examination of vegetarianism, farming, and the food we eat every day that inspired the documentary of the same name.

Bestselling author Jonathan Safran Foer spent much of his life oscillating between enthusiastic carnivore and occasional vegetarian. For years he was content to live with uncertainty about his own dietary choices-but once he started a family, the moral dimensions of food became increasingly important.

Faced with the prospect of being unable to explain why we eat some animals and not others, Foer set out to explore the origins of many eating traditions and the fictions involved with creating them. Traveling to the darkest corners of our dining habits, Foer raises the unspoken question behind every fish we eat, every chicken we fry, and every burger we grill.

Part memoir and part investigative report, Eating Animals is a book that, in the words of the Los Angeles Times, places Jonathan Safran Foer "at the table with our greatest philosophers" -and a must-read for anyone who cares about building a more humane and healthy world.


by uxcolumbo   2018-08-26
To be honest I don't fully understand your argument. You seem to think a species that is being opressed by us, kept in factory farms and killed for our sensory pleasure - that this is a beautiful relationship?

Maybe I'm being trolled? If not - I don't think you would say the same after watching Earthlings or after reading Eating Animals [2].

>I also find it a bit presumptuous that you think you know what will be considered immoral in the future.

It's already considered immoral today by leading moral philosophers and other great thinkers, such as Peter Singer, Richard Dawkins[0], Einstein, Carl Sagan, Prof Brian Greene and many more. All I'm saying is that I think the majority of people in the future will adopt this view. Star Trek certainly protrayed this view [1].

Anyway, I'm not here to convince you - I can't. Only you can convince yourself. All I can do is present you with research and other information and encourage you to do your own research on the realities of the large scale meat industry. But I can fully understand that it's just easier not do that and just continue to tell oneself that we humans have a beautiful relationship with animals that we opress and exploit.

Change is hard... but 'refactoring' oneself is rewarding ;)

Anyway, thanks for making the effort to reply and for having a dialog.

[0] Vegan lifestyle is morally superior - Richard Dawkins or wait for the documentary to be released hat is being produced by Natalie Portman.