The Conscience of a Liberal

Author: Paul Krugman
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by giardini   2017-08-19
That was true in the USA from the 1950s through the 1980s. Since then the middle-class has been more than decimated. Paul Krugman's book "Conscience of a Liberal" tells how/why this happened:

I'm conservative in general, but I agreed with Bernie Sanders on (at least) 3 issues and have a 4th bone to pick with USA politics:

1) Privacy is paramount; the government should stay out of our lives as much as possible. "Terrorism" is no excuse for a government to monitor its citizens.

2) Taxes must be severely increased on the wealthy. "Death taxes" must be restored and income taxes raised on the wealthy. To do otherwise creates a situation where wealth accumulates to individuals w/o bound.

3) corporations must not be allowed the rights of persons. Campaign finance reform must occur and the power of special interests must be cut.

Until we restore heavy estate taxes ("death taxes"), income taxes, and reduce the political power of corporations as well, the USA will continue its long slide toward an economy like Mexico's, where there are only the poor and the rich, and no middle class.

Finally (something Sanders would likely avoid):

4) as part of (3), non-profit corporations and all foundations, public or private, (churches, foundations, organizations, etc.) should be both taxed and audited. Today they're little more than an end-run around taxation. They are too powerful politically. They're controlled by their founders and their families. They are economically inefficient - releasing their resources (by breakup, taxation, etc.) would boost the economy greatly.

During the Middle Ages the British and French took possession of the (then) Roman Catholic Church's lands, possessions and clergy. After all, the Church _was_ meddling in the political, and not the spiritual, realm. I think its time for the USA to do the same:

"Dechristianization of France during the French Revolution":

"English Reformation - Wikipedia":