Intellectual Property and Open Source: A Practical Guide to Protecting Code

Category: Programming
Author: Van Lindberg
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by notaddicted   2017-08-19
I'm conflicted, but against. (Disclosure) I don't have any software patents.

I am also ignorant about a lot of the details.

Can anyone recommend this book?:

by rectang   2017-08-19
Creating your own foundation is a huge amount of work. I think you would benefit from doing this research, and I'm not going to tell you "don't do it" because it won't be convincing, but I predict that in the end you will not choose to start a foundation.

There's a chapter in Van Lindberg's Intellectual Property and Open Source on this topic. (It ends with a discussion of umbrella foundations like Apache, Eclipse, Software Freedom Conservancy.) Check it out:

by alok-g   2017-08-19
Legally speaking, merely mentioning it to your boss does not necessarily shield you from a lawsuit. It certainly reduces the likeliness though in my opinion (i.e., have no data).

Further, "employer's line of business" is very loosely defined. If you could share the technical skills between your job and the side project, you are most likely in the same line of business.

Here's a book I highly recommend: