The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Donald Trump

Category: Social Sciences
Author: Corey Robin
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by ur_frnd_the_footnote   2019-07-21

Yeah, he's a provocateur, as they say. I'm not deeply familiar with his work, just Soumission and an interview here and there. I mean, he's certainly anti-liberal. He unashamedly describes himself as Islamophobic. (That's just a convenient link, mind you...nothing terribly insightful). And his talking points are well within the European tradition of reaction after the French revolution. (Corey Robin's popular book, The Reactionary Mind, might be a good way of getting a feel for that tradition if you haven't already encountered it. It's not about Houllebecq, obviously, but you'll see how he might fit in and where he might not).

by KaliYugaz   2019-07-21

Conservatism absolutely is inherently undemocratic. All actual conservative movements in history were fundamentally about preserving the rule of an aristocratic class. Conservatives have always swiftly abandoned law and order and embraced fascism the moment that leftist movements captured the state to the extent that regular law and order were no longer sufficient to maintain hierarchical rule.

Liberal op-ed writers are, as a general rule, dull and incurious mediocrities who lack any kind of historical perspective, so it's not surprising that they end up being the last to realize what the GOP really is.