Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming, 2/E (Addison-wesley Component Software)

Category: Programming
Author: Clemens Szyperski


by pjmlp   2021-07-19
"Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming"

The first edition uses Component Pascal instead,

Then even if it hasn't taken the world by storm,

"Designing Object Oriented C++ Applications Using The Booch Method"

Assuming you also feel like reading about UML design stuff

"Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications"

by pjmlp   2020-09-06
Neither => Component Based Programming,

"Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming"

by pjmlp   2018-11-08
Yes, I did watch that talk back when he did it. I always follow CppCon talks.

Then you should also watch the talks he did later at Unite, after joining Unity.

As I mentioned regarding ECS, on CS literature.

For example,

"Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming"

First edition (1997) used Component Pascal, C++ and Java, while the 2nd edition replaced Component Pascal with C#.

"Component-Based Software Engineering: Putting the Pieces Together"

ECS and Data-oriented programming aren't the same thing.