Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace

Author: Ricardo Semler
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by jacobkg   2018-03-14
There is an excellent book called 'Maverick' about a Brazilian manufacturing company that, while not owned by the workers, gets much closer than almost any other business. I highly recommend that all founders read it

by lazyant   2017-08-19
Semco. You may want to read Ricardo Semler's book it's 20 years old but for some reason it's not a classic in startups or US business environments (edit: oh I see someone mentioned it). He wrote a more recent book I haven't read: anyone with comments on this one?
by dhfromkorea   2017-08-19
You're not alone. Here's an early variant of such a policy. SEMCO, a Brazilian company run by Ricardo Semler, has since 1980s had the policy where people could set their own salaries.

Some excerpts off his book on 37signals:

His book:

by mrduncan   2017-08-19
I'll echo the recommendation for Maverick, I believe that it was (maybe still is) the top selling book in Brazil.