Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars

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Author: Richard K. Bernstein
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by auroraambria   2019-11-17

Look into:

  • Type One Grit

  • Dr Bernstein’s book

  • Let Me Be 83.

It’s worth it!

by Robinimus   2019-11-17

Type 1 is definitely a shock. I got diagnosed when I was 19. No DKA fortunately, but my HbA1c was 9%. I don't know what caused it, can be a lot of things. I suppose I won't ever get to know that. I can be something as little as a virus that made your immune system go haywire. Even something that has been dormant for years can cause your immune system to fail when it stops being dormant.


I remember feeling lost in the beginning as well. Going to do groceries and just thinking; I can't eat anything.

Over time I came to realise actually a lot is possible, you just have to actively be a pancreas on the side. I've seen this tip from others already, but I'll repeat: get a CGM or FGM (continuous / flash glucose monitor). This helps you be a pancreas(: CGM is probably nicer, as it provides warnings when your BG is acting up, but already having an FGM provides you with more comfort, since you can check you BG just with your smartphone with NFC.


As to weed, definitely possible (I live in the Netherlands). Though I would wait until you've got a better grip on your BG. Alcohol is also possible, but again, I'd wait until you know better how your body responds. Sometimes you just feel like drinking a few beers. CGM/FGM helps you more easily keep an eye on your BG. And I'll admit, sometimes I have a few too many, have my BG shoot up to 20-25 mmol/L (360 - 450 mg/dl). Yeah that's not good long term, but if you have Type 1 you are still a human being. If you're at those levels once in a while, you'll be fine. The thing is to find what works for you and how strict you want to be for yourself.


As a snack; I like 90% chocolate with peanut butter. Check to make sure there's no added sugar in the PB though. I recommend not starting with 90%, but working your way up. Start with something in the 70 range, from there to 80, then 85 and then finally 90. Otherwise it might be a bit too much, haha.


About half a year ago, I read this book: https://www.amazon.com/Dr-Bernsteins-Diabetes-Solution-Achieving/dp/0316182699

Basic premise: small quantities of carbohydrates in, means smaller fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. Might be a bit too much in the beginning, but it might give you some structure if you are looking for it.


Anyway, I think I speak for everyone when I say, you're not alone. We've all had ups and downs, but kicking its ass is definitely doable.

by Yefref   2019-07-21

So, I’m a physician and everything I said is true. Here’s a good podcast to start with. Also, I’d encourage you to read Dr Bernstein’s book.. Control is not just about A1C average but we now recognize that the very large peaks (excursions) are the more dangerous component.

by MrTurveydrop   2019-07-21

Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar. Untreated diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar. The two are opposite conditions.

It sounds like you have a lot going on ... so I'm loath to give too much advice to you. Perhaps your case is unique.I'm happy to answer any questions you have though. I was diagnosed one year ago, and you're right, it's overwhelming. For months I dedicated almost every waking hour to learning about the disease. Allow me to recommend this free e-book. It's not brilliant or anything, but it's an easy read and may be helpful for you. After that, I moved onto this one.

What I will say is that your doctor's treatment regimen is bizarre, and you should investigate other options. Kaiser is a very modern healthcare provider, I see no reason to expect that they have made an institutional decision to recommend an antiquated style of diabetes management. Have you seen an endocrinologist? If not, please do so.

by TummyDrums   2019-07-21

I know keto is kind of a fad right now, but I've been doing it for years before it was, and can say that its really the ideal diet for diabetics in my mind. It'll attack two of the issues you mentioned, weight loss and blood sugar control. If you're interested in more research, you call look up Dr. Richard Berenstein's book on the matter. He was basically advocating for diabetics to eat keto (though it wasn't called that at the time) back in 1997 when the book was published. Dude is a T1D who's in his 80's with no complications, so i think that says a lot.


The short version is that if you eat less carbs, you'll need to take less insulin, so your blood sugar will even out. Less highs and lows. Regarding weightloss, if you're eating more fat instead of carbs, it fills you up quicker so you end up eating less calories without even realizing it. Speaking personally, I've lost 80lbs doing keto and kept my A1c in the low 6's.


The only advice I'll give without going too far down the rabbit hole, is that if you decide to try it, to at least stick with it for a month before you decide it isn't for you. It takes your body a little time to adjust to the changes. That and don't buy into all the keto "supplements". They are all absolute bullshit. Just do your own research, eat your meat and green veggies (and lots of cheese), and you'll be fine.

by stefan8888   2018-11-10

Agree, I do LCHF/Bernstein/keto diet, HbA1c dropped from about 8 to 5.8. try it.



by Ketomealsandrecipes   2018-11-10

Hi, I feel a great deal of empathy for you! Here is a virtual hug. Like you I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant for my 3 boys. I understand the distress you are feeling. My story is a bit different then yours however. I was part of a managing gestational diabetes study for my first son and learned a lot about the issue and how to control my BS (while pregnant) which helped me a lot. I did not develop T2D for 18 years after my last son. The advice I had was, now that I think about it, very progressive. The study author provided us guidelines that were essentially low carb (for the time) and were based on a whole food Mediterranean diet. The really significant thing that worked for me, I was part of the group that was told not to snack between meals (I was the experiment not the control group). They were testing how smaller more frequent meals vs a more controlled eating time effected BS levels and insulin response. He reasons I am saying all this – I learned that whole food, prepared from scratch made a huge difference. I was also given a lot of information to read – this really helped me a lot because I am more likely to do something that makes sense to me and that has been explained well. I do not want to know just what to do but WHY I should. Here is a great book (I found it very informative) Dr. Bernstein is a T1D and his interest in the topic is genuine. He also has a web site with lots of free lectures and information. There are many other good books out there, but I think his is the gold standard Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars https://toptalkedbooks.com/amzn/0316182699

My advice is to you is that can manage your T2D very well with diet if you are interested. It will take a paradigm shift in how you approached food and eating. I did and for the last 3 years have CONTROLED my T2D with a keto diet and NO meds at all. My blood glucose is in the normal range – not for a diabetic nit for a non-diabetic person. If you would like to chat more please send me any thoughts you have.

In closing, there is a lot you can do for yourself to get back to and maintain your health. Don’t get discouraged. PS sorry about the long response.

by Ketomealsandrecipes   2018-11-10

The best thing your mom can do is self educate - learn as much about the current information as she can. Knowing how diet can help control T2D is such valuable information.

Here is a really good book, written by a medical doctor who is now in his 80's and has been a diabetic since his teens. https://toptalkedbooks.com/amzn/0316182699 I think this is a good place to start. He also has a web site with lots of video lectures on various topics for both T1 & 2D . Also, I have found trying to find ready-made Low Carb/Keto/Diabetic premade food was hard to find and VERY expensive. It is not that hard to make great food at home that is based on whole food and is high in nutritional value. Now that she is a T2D she must change her lifestyle and relationship with food to live a healthy and complications free life. I have now been on a full keto diet for 4 years and my T2D is totally under control - with NO MEDS. I was taking 3 kinds of meds before changing my diet. Here is my playlist of Keto foods that have keept my BS in the very healthy normal range. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWxb2cfHHa24T7pXv6ssnDw/playlists

If you want to help your mom, the best thing is to learn with her about T2D and how a very low carb diet can make a huge difference. Supporting her journey will encourage her and the support is so appreciated (I love that my family are 100% helping keep to my keto lifestyle- they see how much it helped me)> Let me just complement you – you are amazing for wanting to do this for your mom. Best of luck to her and may she get her T2d UNDER CONTROLE!

Hope this helps. CHeers

by abtinf   2017-08-19
Their advice is wrong and deadly.