Version Control with Subversion

Category: Programming
Author: Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian Fitzpatrick, Michael Pilato
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by anonymous   2017-08-20

First, GoDaddy does not allow for Subversion to be installed. It's a seperate service that runs to provide a web-like interface - not a hosting account.

With that said, there are a few free versions still out there.

I vote for CodePlex as it's free, and uses Subversion (through the TFS hook), as well as giving you forums, documentation areas, etc.:

Additionally, Google Code is also subversion-based (I kind of like the CodePlex community better though):

If you want something more private, I recommend Unfuddle as they have a free version. Just don't check in big files.

Another private one is Project Locker:

Lastly, I highly recommend picking up and reading a Subversion book on practical uses of Subverison, organizating your multiple projects, and proper branch/merge management.

Version control with SubVersion

You can also read it for free here: But, it's a very long dry read. I highly recommend picking up the book to thumb through down the road.

  • Updated 2010-12-06: Added CodePlex now that they have SubVersion.
  • Updated 2017-06-05: Google Code shut down in 2016 and Microsoft CodePlex is shutting down in 2017. Those were the two major companies sponsoring SVN; and, they both have the same reason for the shutdown: which is Git based.