Joe Celko's SQL Programming Style (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems)

Author: Joe Celko
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by anonymous   2017-08-20

You could try checking out Joe Celko's book SQL Programming Style. I'm sure that there are a lot of people who disagree with his style, but it's a good start.

Some of my own "rules"

  • SQL keywords are always all upper-case
  • Table names are "proper" case, while columns and variables are all lower-case
  • Each "major" clause in a statement is at the start of a line
  • JOIN and WHERE criteria appear beneath and are indented and aligned
  • Nested items are indented further
  • I use aliases for all tables and views

For example:

        WHEN column_5 = 'Blah' THEN 1
        WHEN column_6 = 'Blah' THEN 2
        ELSE 3
    END AS column_alias
    My_Table MT
    MOT.column_1 = MT.column_1
    MT.column_2 = 'Some Value' AND
        MT.column_3 = 'Some other value' OR
        MT.column_4 = 'Some other value'
by Bill Karwin   2017-08-20

In his book "SQL Programming Style," Joe Celko suggests a number of conventions, for example that a collection (e.g. a table) should be named in the plural, while a scalar data element (e.g. a column) should be named in the singular.

He cites ISO-11179-4 as a standard for metadata naming, which supports this guideline.

by Bill Karwin   2017-08-20

I wouldn't use a naming convention for purposes of alphabetizing table names. It's nice when it works out that way, but this shouldn't be by design.

Read Joe Celko's book "SQL Programming Style." His first chapter in that book is about naming conventions, guided by the ISO 11179 standard for metadata naming. One of his recommendations is to avoid unnecessary prefixes in your naming convention.