Gift of Injury

Category: Coaching
Author: Stuart McGill; Brian Carroll
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by RedPill-BlackLotus   2019-11-17

Your story hurts man. Really hurts.

Your all banged up and you definitely need to take a full month or 2 to recover to the best of your ability. Since your not moving around very much, head over to Amazon and grab this book:

The gift if injury your gonna love it.

I have stopped doing the big 3, I'm 42. They are not worth the risk unless you are training for powerlifting.

I fucked up my ankle at the end of last summer. It was swollen for months, took a full 6 to recover. I had to completely change my leg training and the leg development I got this year from it was amazing.

This could be a gift and you just can't see it yet. It's the experience you needed to wake the fuck up and be more mindful of your training.

I want you to recover and lift again so bad my dick gets hard typing this sentence. Dont give up, and stay optimistic, and tell your doctor to eat a bag of dicks. Find another doctor.

by RedPill-BlackLotus   2019-11-17

Here grab this off Amazon.

The gift of injury your gonna love it, and you could use an inspirational story.

Dr McGill has already been mentioned to you. Hes the best there is. Do his big 3 movements the second you can perform them pain free.

Hang in there man.