Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation (Brewing Elements)

Category: Beverages & Wine
Author: Chris White, Jamil Zainasheff
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by schmag   2021-12-10

here you go

I have been using one for a year or two and its still gtg. I mostly got mine after reading through "yeast" it is of the author's expertise that o2 saturation is huge at the beginning of the fermentation.

by levader   2021-12-10

Always do a streak plate first to get isolated colonies. Then aseptically transfer 8-10 of the most uniform colonies to 5 mL sterile media, then 50 mL, then 500 mL allowing for 24 hrs of growth in each volume. The exact volume isn't super critical, but increasing each by a factor of 10 is typical.

Highly recommend the Yeast book from Brewing Elements series:

by JamesAGreen   2019-11-17

There is plenty of great material in this book that is relevant to meadmakers and I highly recommend it: Chris' bonafides are not in question and the book is geared towards home producers. I have my MSc in Molecular Biology and I've used this book as a reference text, but YMMV.

by MortChateau   2019-11-17