Numbers and Geometry (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)

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Author: John Stillwell
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by earthicus   2019-01-24
If you managed to survive high school algebra, you might be able to 'redo' your basic math education with a geometric bent from Stillwell's book 'Numbers and Geometry', which teaches the classical link between the two subjects that has been eliminated from elementary education to some extent. However, the kind of intuition he presents is still semi-abstract - it's not a super duper picture heavy book - but I think it's about as close to what you're asking for as you are likely to find.

by tokenadult   2017-08-19
That thread recommends many very few good books, but probably mostly books too hard at first for the participant who has posted this new thread.

I'll recommend a couple of books from that thread:

I agree with the recommendation of An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning in this thread.

Another participant has already recommended my favorite for background reading, Concepts of Modern Mathematics by Ian Stewart.

Get that right away.

Sawyer's A Mathematician's Delight is surely also good (I've read other books by Sawyer).

Read those for background as you get my favorite overviews of mathematics: Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang and Numbers and Geometry by Joseph Stillwell.

(Basic Mathematics is mostly high school level math, with a minimum of fuss and bother, and good exercises.)

(Numbers and Geometry is mostly undergraduate level math, with very good explanations and excellent exercises.)

by tokenadult   2017-08-19
Some favorites about mathematics:

Concepts of Modern Mathematics by Ian Stewart

Numbers and Geometry by John Stillwell.

The Pleasures of Counting by T. W. K├Ârner

Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction by Timothy Gowers

by tokenadult   2017-08-19
A suggestion for an addition (or replacement) for the list:

Numbers and Geometry by John Stillwell is very readable and full of very interesting math problems, covering a lot of topics that are accessible to anyone with a good high school education but often aren't covered even by an undergraduate math degree.