Software Factories: Assembling Applications with Patterns, Models, Frameworks, and Tools

Category: Programming
Author: Jack Greenfield, Keith Short
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by PaulHoule   2017-10-17
Models, Rules, and Schemes all the way down.

Rules are applied to a Model to make more rules, rules are again transformed by rules in stages to compile to targets. Declarative schemes arbitrate between rules, select execution modes such as forward or backwards chaining, hybrid execution, memorization, etc.

Much like the vision in

but more aimed at "getting non-professional programmers to be able to do more easily" and less aimed at "helping a team create software product lines".

Roughly this is the direction that OMG is going in.

by PaulHoule   2017-09-22
I think it is making it easier for non-professional programmers to express themselves to computers, e.g. better programming languages, compilers, more intelligent interfaces, integrating machine learned models with mainstream code in a reproducible way.

This book is an attack on the problem from one angle

Note the authors of that book were lead architect's for Microsoft's Team Studio System. It may have been the system that they wanted to build, but we wound up with something that isn't quite as good.