Lisp in Small Pieces

Category: Programming
Author: Christian Queinnec
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by DonaldFisk   2020-12-09
There's Lisp In Small Pieces by Christian Queinnec (, and if you want to look into CLOS in depth, there's The Art of the Metaobject Protocol by Kiczales, des Rivieres, and Bobrow ( There's also a good older text, Anatomy of Lisp by John Allen (
by dig1   2018-10-04
1. SICP (

3. PAIP (

4. Lisp In Small Pieces (

5. The C Programming Language (

by fredyr   2017-08-19
Richard Bird, Philip Wadler - Introduction to Functional Programming

Richard Bird - Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design

Christian Queinnec - Lisp in Small Pieces

by raganwald   2017-08-19
My (pricey) favourite is Lisp In Small Pieces:

Note that Peter Norvig gives it a five-star review.

(The affiliate link benefits DuckDuckGo.)

by Shooter   2017-08-19
Everyone beat me to the punch, but my starting list for Common Lisp is:

1. A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation.

2. Practical Common Lisp

3. ANSI Common Lisp

4. On Lisp

5. Paradigms of Artifical Intelligence Programming

6. Lisp in Small Pieces

SICP is also amazing...and there are at least three sets of videos to go with the book (Abelson/Sussman and HP/MIT, ArsDigita, and UC-Berkeley.)