Problems in General Physics

Author: I.E. Irodov
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by screye   2020-07-06
Probably not anyone's first choice, completely unknown in the US and not truly a maths book, so much as a physics book.

Problems in general physics by IE Irodov [1] was one of those "bang your head on the wall, but when you get it it's ecstasy" kind of books for me.

I am not even sure if I would recommend it to every one. Maybe masochists. But, looking back on it, I have some really fond memories of locking myself in a room for 2 days to get a problem that I felt oh-so-close to solving. Eventually getting it is intensely rewarding.

It it right at the grade 10-12 level.

by g4omingron   2019-03-30
No mention of the most famous Russian book among Indian high Schoolers: [Problems in General Physics by I E Irodov](