The New Rational Manager

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by gaius   2017-12-07
I like KT because it rapidly eliminates ambiguity and creates packages of information that can be passed seamlessly between teams or stages in a workflow. There's little or no rework in a KT shop, and few "pipeline stalls" where someone is blocked because a decision hasn't been made or communicated, or because a dependency is discovered too late. I learned it at a company I was at about 10 years ago, there was one guy who had used it in his previous job and he convinced senior management, and so we were all sent to KT for their training course.

If you want to get a flavour of it the original book is pretty cheap now

Like I say I've tried 'em all, well nearly, KT is the only one that's worth a damn. Even the simple exercises like "is, is-not" make you feel like Poirot.