Programming Windows®, Fifth Edition (Developer Reference)

Author: Charles Petzold


by anonymous   2018-01-14
You can't learn Windows GUI programming by guessing. You need Petzold's [Programming Windows®, Fifth Edition](
by anonymous   2017-12-11
You need [Programming Windows®, Fifth Edition](
by anonymous   2017-11-20
`SRCCOPY` doesn't perform alpha blending. A simple block transfer (which `SRCCOPY` does) is a *lot* faster than alpha blending. Given the code, it's unclear, what you really need. The code (like its formatting) is severely broken. Get a copy of Petzold's [Programming Windows®](
by anonymous   2017-11-20
[WM_COMMAND]( You need a copy of Petzold's [Programming Windows®]( Badly.
by anonymous   2017-11-13
You cannot hope to become proficient at MFC without a *solid* understanding of the Windows API. Start with Petzold's [Programming Windows®](
by anonymous   2017-09-18
There is just so much wrong with the code, it boggles the mind: `1` Don't render in a `WM_LBUTTONDOWN`-handler. Instead, `InvalidateRect` and have the `WM_PAINT`-handler do the rendering. `2` You save the old font, but then just throw it away. You need to select it back into the DC when done. `3` Calling `EndPaint` without `BeginPaint` makes no sense. `4` Inconsistent mixture of generic-text and ANSI strings. `5` No `break;` in a `case` clause. You won't get far by guessing. You need to get a [book](
by anonymous   2017-09-11
[Learn to Program for Windows in C++]( It's also very unlikely that you get anywhere without a good [book]( When done, come back and ask a *specific* question.
by anonymous   2017-09-11
One glaring issue with your code is resource management. You delete objects you do not own, and forget to delete objects you do own. Destroying a device context while you still have objects selected into it you own is a sure recipe for disaster, too. Guessing won't help you solve the issue. Get a [book](, and take it from there.
by anonymous   2017-09-05
So you are investing **loads** of man-hours into an attempt to shave off sub-second periods of compile time? Only to find out later, that linking takes the lion's share of time anyway. If you want to efficiently learn about the Windows API, get a [book](