The Revolution Of Nihilism: Warning To The West

Author: E. W. Dickers


by Top19   2017-12-20
I very much enjoyed (and even laughed) reading your response.

It’s very concerning to see people talk so positively about anarchy. Another word for anarchy is “nihilism”, which is its philosophical twin.

Neither of these words are used a lot today, but “nihilism” you’ll see mentioned a lot in the build-up to WWII.

Am currently reading the below book, which argues in its final chapter that a German invasion of Poland is imminent and is the next course of action Hitler will take. It was published in May 1939 in German, and translated in August 1939 to English. Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939.

The author is very clear that for all their flaws, capitalism and democracy are very reformable. And that a dictatorship of Fascism or Communism will dazzle with early successes before descending into violence both internally and externally.

The Revolution Of Nihilism: Warning To The West