1984 (Signet Classics)

Author: George Orwell
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by destronger   2019-11-17

it’s a book.

here’s a the audible version. if you sign up for audible you can get one audio book free. this audio version is really well done. the narrator is Simon Prebble. i highly recommend it.

iirc if you have a amazon account you should be able to log into audible. there is a app for iphone/android so you can listen to it. just know that the app kind of sucks. buying books can only be done from the website iirc. hopefully it’s been fixed since the last time i bought a audio book.

a pdf copy is here. the writing of 1984 is public domain so linking it isn’t illegal.

by 197328645   2019-11-17

If you don't want to hear it from me, hear it from someone who I think you'll trust.

by Piroko   2018-11-10


> "It was he who freed the first of us." -Morpheus

Don't read too much of him though at first, go back and read the greats. Vonnegut. Thucydides. Plutarch. Caesar. Heinlein. Spengler. Some more Heinlein. Maybe even Hoover if you want to get mad at globalism too.

Then you'll know why we fight and what we're fighting for. The SJW must be destroyed.

Deux Vidya

by The_Coati_Kid   2018-11-10

Read it!

It's not very long, ~~3-6~~ 6-12 hours depending on your reading speed.

Free e-book

EDIT: I am thinking this estimate is overly optimistic

by NoBuddyIsPerfect   2018-11-10

This one

by user11617   2017-08-20

Nineteen Eighty Four

by George Orwell