Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Author: Weston A. Price, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation
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by isaidputontheglasses   2019-07-21

I'm sure he did. Here is a breakdown of cavities in indigenous vs modern populations from his foundation's website. You can see the full page with dietary mineral differences here. This is his most popular book. The guy went around the world shoving his hands in people's mouths. Here's a sample of the sort of photos in the books.

by wampastompa09   2019-07-21

There is an old book by Weston A. Price that is related to biodynamic eating, including fermented foods.

by rdiddly   2019-04-23
Good dental hygiene does what it's supposed to, but the biggest factor is basically luck - you either "have good teeth" or you don't.

There's evidence that your mom's prenatal diet (and not strictly genetics) may be a salient factor.

This book is eye-opening. A dentist traveled the world in the early 20th century when there were a lot more indigenous people to visit who had had no previous contact with modern processed flours etc. Those still on their traditional diets almost all had excellent teeth, without ever owning a toothbrush. But when modern foods were introduced, their teeth went to shit within a generation. Probably some epigenetics playing a role, though they didn't know about that then. Also I believe this may have been before flours started being fortified, so you would probably see a less pronounced decline if you somehow did this today. But the takeaway seems to be that a high protein paleo-ish diet kind of takes care of everything.