The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis

Category: Special Diet
Author: Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
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by Johnny-Holiday   2018-11-10

Don't freak out abought your weight. It's just a number after all and there are heaps of people here with bigger numbers than you.

All those links on the right-hand side under Where to start would be a good place to start. If, like me, you find yourself hungry for more knowledge, check out The Ketogenic Bible . I'm reading it through for the second time now. It's a game changer for me.

I hope you make the change and enjoy the journey.

by Johnny-Holiday   2018-11-10

> Bacon, Steak, Chicken, Cheese, Oils, Eggs are all centric to the keto diet, but are all considered vastly nutritionally inferior foods compared to the caloric equivalent of plant-based foods.

You have to ask yourself, "How exactly do I know this is true?" I'm betting you haven't read a single study (I'm not talking about newspaper and television reports) that verifies this claim. It's like the Lipid Hypothesis. The world's population have sucked it in and believe that high cholesterol is a killer, but none of them have actually sat down and gone through the Dr. Ancel Keyes studies themselves. If they had, we'd all know that he manipulated the evidence to confirm his hypothesis.

In answer to your question, I'd suggest you start with The Ketogenic Bible by Dr. Jacob Wilson & Ryan Lowery, PhD(c), and that you then follow it up by researching some of the papers and studies referred to in the References section.

Good luck with your Ketoquest. :)

by Johnny-Holiday   2018-11-10

Best book I've read on the subject. The Ketogenic Bible .