The Guns of August: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Classic About the Outbreak of World War I

Category: Military
Author: Robert K. Massie
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by BurningFrog   2019-07-12
The Tuchman book "The Guns of August" is an amazing book on the first month of WW1.

by BurningFrog   2019-06-14
As I recall it, Barbara Tuchman argues/describes in the Excellent "The Guns of August" that once precautionary mobilization had been ordered in one country, due to the nature of the railway system driven technology behind the logistics of the day, war was pretty much inevitable.

Nobody realized "the system" had this side effect before it was started, and once the button was pressed, it was pressed...

As your quote says. "economic relationships can decrease the likelihood that states will engage in war".