Berserk Deluxe Volume 1

Category: Genre Fiction
Author: Kentaro Miura, Jason DeAngelis
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by MaximalDisguised   2019-07-21

You should honestly get the new Deluxe edition.

Or just the standard.

by MobileTortoise   2019-07-21

The oversized edition that is 3 volumes in 1. Here

by ddfdfdfdfsdsdfsdfsdf   2019-07-21

They are supersized books with better quality paper and shit not a bad price either. the problem is only the first volume is out which has books 1,2,3, volume 2 with 4,5,6 comes out in a few months

by Shinobi-WanKenobi   2019-07-21

Volumes 1-3, got it on Amazon

[Edit] Really expensive now though and out of stock, local comic/game store would be a better bet.

by littenthehuraira   2019-07-21

Amazon has it. It's fairly expensive though.

by LiveAnotherDave   2019-07-21

If you mean like a three-in-one type of deal, yes - Berserk Deluxe. It's paperback, pages are bigger and, yeah, that's all I know. First one's out in just a few days, second will be released in July and the third's coming in November, with more on the way.

If you're aiming on picking up volume 1, I recommend going here on Amazon as the price is down to 35 USD, (shipping not included, but still).

by TheWillOfMe   2019-01-13

Amazon (US):


Amazon (GER):


by SAITAMA_666   2019-01-13

$38 for Deluxe Volume 1. [edit: no longer $38, they upped the price to $45 at the time of this edit, I hope some of you were able to secure that $38 price tag]

Also The Flame Dragon Knight novel for $15.

by TelMegiddo   2019-01-13

>Now to find somewhere to purchase the manga.

What good timing. If you wait a bit you can start with this beauty.