Qt5.3. Professionalnoe programmirovanie na C++ (+ materialy na saite)

Author: Shlee M.
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by anonymous   2019-01-13

Currently there are no many books about Qt5, so main source is official documentation and web, but currently available books:

  • Free book: Qt5 Cadaques, book about QML
  • General Qt book which was updated to Qt 5.3, but in russian: Qt5.3. Professionalnoe programmirovanie na C++

    1. No, I know people who don't use QML at all, but someone else use it more than C++. It really depends on your needs.

    2. C++ is active and for example Digia offers additional not-free modules, like Qt Charts which can be used botj with QML and C++. Also Qt developers always support new C++ standards. For example we have additional features when C++11 or C++14 was released. Hence, it is definitely not a deprecated language.

QML is just a front-end language, it is very good to build beautiful interfaces without headache, but back-end is still C++ code.