The Rosetta Pattern: An Intuitive Guide To Scales And Modes

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Author: Daniel D. Barber
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by intuitive_guitar   2019-07-21

Learn the C major scale across the freboard.

The major scale pattern is the foundation for all the modes, the pentatonics and blues scales, as well as minor scale variations. Theory and guitar does not have to be confusing. Most methods simply present the material in the wrong order without giving the student the tools to understand what's going on.

This method will teach you the C major pattern across the fretboard, break you out of the four fret horizon inherited from the CAGED system, help you train your ear and give you the tools to really exploit the fretboard very quickly. For those who've been playing a while, it will take you less than an hour.

After you get The Super Cluster Method down, pick up The Rosetta Pattern which gives a similar intuitive treatment to modes and scales - also my work. You can get an overview of The Rosetta Pattern here:

Unfortunately, I've not yet completed the third book in the series which covers intervals and chords. I'm also writing an overview of a guitar pedagogy that covers these methods.

I hope this helps you.

Edit: Woah! Someone gave me gold for this! Thank you, but I'll ask that if you wish to contribute to me, please post a review on amazon for the rosetta pattern ( It's free and will help others find it, buy it, and allow me to continue my work. Thanks!

by intuitive_guitar   2019-07-21

Yep! I'm very proud of it. Still working on the last part, intervals and chords. You're very welcome. If you find it useful, please leave review on the rosetta pattern at amazon, Thanks!

by intuitive_guitar   2019-07-21

It's easy and will take you less than an hour to get the concept; within a couple days you'll be moving across the fretboard like an old pro.

Edit: I appreciate the response everyone! If this method has helped you in the past, I'd really appreciate a review on the book in which it is included on amazon https: Thanks!