Small Wars Their Principles and Practice

Category: Humanities
Author: Colonel C.E. Callwell


by all2   2018-11-20
In WWII they leaned on understanding from British occupations across the world. Insurgents were a big issue for the British, and they had started to sort out how to fight a guerrilla war as the empire was collapsing.

I wish I could remember the book I read. It details things like how the one person you had to worry about at a security checkpoint was the person with all their papers in order... I want to say it was Western Africa, or a similar holding that the book centered around.

[edit] All that to say I agree with you. A self-sufficient force seems to be, by nature, multi-talented. [/edit]

[edit2] And the book, which is quite good, is "Small Wars" by a Colonel Callwell. [/edit2]