Blondie24: Playing at the Edge of AI (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Artificial Intelligence)

Category: Computer Science
Author: David B. Fogel
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by RJIb8RBYxzAMX9u   2022-07-23
Yes I read the book decades ago and it was indeed excellent. IIRC, the technical details are probably too light for the HN crowd, but it was the biographical stories that had interested me.

For an even shorter, and lighter, read on checkers engine, I recommend Blondie24[0].


by jayro   2018-10-01
This is a fun book (published in 2001) about how a professor and his graduate assistant developed a world-class checkers-playing algorithm using neuroevolution:

(Edit) One of the funniest parts I remember is that they had to leave it running on a Pentium III for like a month or something.

by RJIb8RBYxzAMX9u   2017-08-19
There's also Blondie24[0], which's got a pretty humorous backstory to its namesake.