The Science of Programming (Monographs in Computer Science)

Category: Programming
Author: David Gries
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by jonsen   2018-11-10
If you are tempted to dig further into these techniques there's this book:

by jonsen   2018-07-19
5) advanced:
by S.Lott   2018-03-19

Programs absolutely can be proven to be correct. Lousy programs are hard to prove. To do it even reasonably well, you have to evolve the program and proof hand-in-hand.

You can't automate the proof because of the halting problem. You can, however, manually prove the post-conditions and preconditions of any arbitrary statement, or sequence of statements.

You must read Dijsktra's A Discipline of Programming.

Then, you must read Gries' The Science of Programming.

Then you'll know how to prove programs correct.