The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded Edition

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Author: Don Norman
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by creakingstairs   2022-05-19
> The damn "designers" are so infatuated with their "principles" of design and aesthetics

I agree with your main point, but I have a small objection to this phrase. I don't think principles of design tells you to not care about usability/function. In fact, a good design is aesthetics AND function, as argued in "The Design of Everyday Things"[1].

So in this case, the designers are simply not doing their job. They've been infatuated with their principles of aesthetics, that they didn't follow the actual principles of design. Which happens when designers blindly copy the latest trend.

The reason I'm bringing this up is that one might interpret the phrase to mean that design is not about function, which isn't fair to many great designers out there.


by Leftium   2021-08-21
Very good course (teaches UX from fundamentals):

Don Norman also contributed to Apple's HIG, which is actually a very good free online resource:

There might also be some good open courseware like this:

by notoriousarun   2021-02-16
My favorite books...

> Deep Work

> Can't Hurt Me

> Talking to Humans

> Rich Dad Poor Dad

> 4 Hour Workweek

> Steve Jobs

> The Design of everyday things

> Siddhartha: A Novel

> The Four Agreements

> Rework

by kebman   2020-10-06
I don't have a TV, only a few monitors (it's very liberating, actually). So instead I'll talk about my microwave. Yes, unironically! :D It has two dials. OMG how do I survive with only two dials? How do I program it? Well, the answer is, unsurprisingly, that I don't program it. Instead I crank it to watever wattage I need (usually the top one), and the time I think it'll take until the food I becomes hot. Aaaand that's it. No programming. No fiddling or mindlessly pushing buttons in the hopes of finding the right one. Only two dials. One for wattage (power output), and the other for time. I think it's really great. There's even some indicators on the Watt-dial for thawing and stuff like that, but I seldom need it, so I usually just keep it rested on 800W. It's the required wattage for most TV dinners anyway. And hot pockets. Don't forget hot pockets guys. How would I survive without...... If you didn't get it, this is actually a post about UIs, and how much I love the book The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman.[1]


by myguysi   2019-05-10
UX is a huge field with a lot of entry points so it’s difficult so suggest a single resource to start with.

However I’d suggest that coming from an engineering background, you might find joy in learning about user testing first as that’s usually a big eye-opener that helps you understand why the field of UX design is important.

A classic book to start with is “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug[0], which covers usability testing and even how to conduct a session yourself.

Then there’s “The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman[1], whom many consider the ‘father’ of the modern field of UX. That one can be a bit dense though.

If you want to think like a designer, then learning about Design Thinking[2] is a good place to start.

Hope that helps!




by machtesh   2018-12-02
The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman

by dictum   2018-01-19
Related reading list:

by taeric   2017-09-18
This seems to be blurring a use of "design". Not all design is chrome on top of things. Some literally leads to better use. Some design is required for safe use.

I think it is oversold, but the book "Design of Everyday Things"[1] goes over this for many common items. There is a long section on doors with many interesting points to consider.


by lykwydchykyn   2017-08-19

It's not specific to software, but I feel like anyone working with UX should read this first:

by mysticreddit   2017-08-19

My day job is WebGL + UI; for UI I'd recommend:

Also take a look at what industrial design courses are available.

by HookahComputer   2017-08-19

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