The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

Category: Medicine
Author: Atul Gawande
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by As_You_Wish   2022-09-10
by yodon   2021-03-29
If you're operating at a scale or in a domain where crisis-like issues are expected (which is probably true if you're asking a question like this), The Checklist Manifesto[0] is a great read.


by muzani   2020-08-27
It doesn't sound like you need a better app. It sounds like you need better technique. You've described a lot of things that can be done in Trello, but many of these are doable in similar apps like Pivotal Tracker or Todoist. I use Sublime Text's extension PlainTasks, but that might not meet your 'low cognitive load' requirement. Trello/Kanban seems like a multiplayer checklist.

I'm not sure if it helps but maybe check out The Checklist Manifesto (

by MarkMc   2019-04-20
A great book on this subject is The Checklist Manifesto [0]. An interesting point made in the book is that checklists help to correct the subtle psychological problems that occur in an operating theatre. Without a checklist a nurse who sees a potential problem might be hesitant to halt the procedure when the surgeon is ready to start. But with a checklist the surgeon must get explicit permission to begin from the nurse who is performing the checklist.


by ekianjo   2019-04-20
This is described in the book called "the checklist manifesto". Very good book by the way.

by HankB99   2019-01-16
This patient survived. I worked in a hospital about 40 years ago. A young man came in with a laceration and required inpatient treatment. He was allergic to aspirin so the nurse gave him ASA (acetylsalicylic acid, AKA Aspirin.) He died. I wonder if that kind of thing still happens.

One effort to avoid this kind of problem is to use check lists. Book about that was published in 2009. (The Checklist Manifesto)

by virtuabhi   2017-08-20
Here's the book on this topic-

The Checklist Manifesto

by danso   2017-08-19
I recommend reading Atul Gawande's books:

The Checklist Manifesto


He's a New Yorker writer and practicing surgeon. His books contain lots of insight about ways that medicine could be vastly improved by innovation. Unfortunately, few techies are doctors.

by tokenadult   2017-08-19
The Checklist Manifesto, recommended by multiple HN participants. I read it and learned a lot, and it's an enjoyable read besides giving you new perspectives on old problems.

by Micaiah_Chang   2017-08-19
Have you ever read The Checklist Manifesto[0]? I may be reading too much into this post, but the lessons you learned from this interview process have frighteningly close parallels to the lessons in the books. I doubt the book had any influence on your interview process, seeing as it was published after the interviews were formalized, but the book seems like it might have new lessons.

For example, a good portion of doctors absolutely hated using checklists. Yet, when pressed, readily admitted that it prevents simple mistakes and that they would prefer to have them rather than not to. Another is that entries that address more human concerns, e.g. "Have everyone introduce themselves", have a place on good checklists.