What Happy Couples Do: Belly Button Fuzz & Bare-Chested Hugs--The Loving Little Rituals of Romance

Category: Relationships
Author: Carol J. Bruess, Anna D.H. Kudak
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by meesterdude   2018-02-18
> Some 40 percent of our happiness levels are the result of the choices we make. These are things like investing in long-term relationships, doing meaningful work, and bonding with loved ones.

Worth pointing out, these are only because these particular things mattered to these people. If they hated their wife for example, the investment might be more bother than joyful.

> Indeed, the relatively new discipline of positive psychology steers people toward these behaviors. And an increasing number of apps help people make choices to boost their happiness levels.

My app is sort of along these lines. But it's less happiness focused, and more... meaning focused. Doing what has meaning for you often leads to happiness, but it also means doing things that don't lead to happiness too - which is the harder nut to crack for many of us.

Still; if you like the idea of introducing some cute things into your relationship's to increase the intimacy or novelty, checkout "what happy couples do" https://www.amazon.com/What-Happy-Couples-Bare-Chested-Hugs/... for some great ideas.