Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy

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Author: Robert H. Frank
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by Bgolshahi1   2017-08-19

That's asinine - meritocracy is a complete myth in our culture. Yes no shit you have to work your ass off but your chances are slim to make it in the way he did -- that's the whole point. Your chances are slim to become a big Hollywood actor or a billionaire. Extremely slim and always growing.

What Tyrion or whatever his real name is would like to believe is that he is somehow existing in a causal vacuum. As if people who are struggling in grinding poverty or just lazy and undeserving. Guess what tyrion for every actor like you who grinded his ass off just like you, 10,000 never made it. And for every small person actor probably 100,000 didn't make it. People who have an identical story about how they couldn't even make rent.

This pervasive myth of individualism is very harmful in our culture. This idea that we 100% completely create ourselves is just unhealthy. We are products of environmental and genetic determinism. The choices "we" make are profoundly influenced by unconscious forces both internal and external to us. If you look at a drug addict for example 95% of the time they had some form of violent abuse or sexual abuse as children. People can't just will themselves out of their experiences. Yes it's wonderful to work your fucking ass off but count your lucky stars luck definitely had something to do with it.

This is how billionaires explain their grotesque level of wealth. Oh it's all me. I'm genetically better or harder working. It has nothing to do with market deregulation, massive tax cuts, or declining power of labor unions and cut social welfare. It's all ME. Me me me. What a completely ridiculous mentality.

Best book on this -

"luck and success - the myth of meritocracy"

by Bgolshahi1   2017-08-19

Pay your taxes you smug rich assholes. Pay your fair share. Stop charging people almost a thousand dollars for a phone. Meritocracy is a myth in this country. Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy

Capitalism is a broken economic system r/socialism

by Bgolshahi1   2017-08-19

In all fairness, meritocracy is a complete myth in our society - this is maybe 15 stories. There are literally millions of people who for reasons of luck didn't get the right opportunity and went a different way. Steve jobs wouldn't have founded apple if he didn't meet steve wozniaki by chance. The exception to the rule is not the rule.

The image is inspiring for sure, but I just think we need to stop being obsessed with individual success stories and remember many if not most things are completely out of our control.

Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy