Go Team Venture!: The Art and Making of The Venture Bros.

Author: Patton Oswalt
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by Soulger11   2019-08-24

It’s on sale on Amazon. It’s worth a lot more than $27.


by Soulger11   2019-08-24


Go get it- it’s amazing

by Atomic_Maw   2019-07-21

Yeah it's definitely the reason why it takes so long, but they also still do a lot of side work. Like I've heard that they also do some spec work for The Tick bc their mentor, Ben Edlund, is actually the creator of that superhero lampooning series as well.

Along with that, I think one of them, Doc I think, plays in a band and is a pretty renowned painter. And the other, Jackson, does a ton of voice work for other Adult Swim shows and podcasts.

As an aside: if you haven't already, I'd recommend checking out the long overdue art book for the series up to this recent season that came out last year. It literally breaks down their thoughts episode by episode, season by season how they came up with their ideas for the series, what they were thinking at the time of writing, what character plot threads they thought of using, which ones they scrapped, etc. And TONS of pre and post production art work. Totally worth every penny for fans of the show.

by Optikronix   2019-07-21

Once you have finished watching through, and have fallen in love with this show (and you will), you need to buy the 'Go Team Venture!' book to accompany your rewatch.

You can thank me later


by zapbark   2019-07-21


by operarose   2018-11-10

Right here , my friend!

by BlackestNight21   2018-11-10

I googled "Go Team Venture"

I got this - I think it's the one!

by SuperSmokingMonkey   2018-11-10


It's really good, it's like commentary for the whole series and goes episode by episode with a lot of original art, etc.