Essential Dictionary of Music Notation: Pocket Size Book (Essential Dictionary Series)

Category: Music
Author: Tom Gerou, Linda Lusk
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by Yeargdribble   2019-08-24

You owe it to yourself to buy this book ASAP. It'll end up answering so many questions for you, and if you really enjoy writing by hand, you'll probably just love flipping through and reading the little entries and learning a ton about all of the little notation rules we all take for granted in our reading.

It's amazing when you actually put pen(cil) to paper how much you start to realize little things like... "Wait... when do I change stem directions? How long should stems be? How do I space this thing?" etc.

Also, I would highly recommend doing this with pencil (I vastly prefer a nice 0.5 mechanical for consistency and precision). And if you're going to copy someone else's work, try to find something from a decent publisher/editor rather than learn from some of the highly questionable stuff you might find on musescore where people make all sorts of egregious errors with beaming and just general beat obfuscating note grouping stuff.

by GuitarIsImpossible   2019-08-24

I used an android app called note reacher and these books

I see no advantage at this point to reading music after working on it for 5 months and becoming fairly competent. I'm glad I learned but it has not added to my ability to make music. Maybe in the future it will pay off.