Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

Category: Programming
Author: Nicholas C. Zakas
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by anonymous   2018-03-19

I don't really have an answer, but according to Nicholas C. Zakas, page 30 of his book "Professional JavaScript for Web Developers":

When defining a variable that is meant to later hold an object, it is advisable to initialize the variable to null as opposed to anything else. That way, you can explicitly check for the value null to determine if the variable has been filled with an object reference at a later time

by reificator   2018-02-12
Counterpoint, I wish there were more resources for new languages that assume you already know how to program.

Professional Javascript for Web Developers[1] is a favorite of mine, because it doesn't waste time teaching you to program and teaching you the language. Instead it points out things that will surprise you if you come from C-like languages, and things you need to watch out for.

Now, since I effectively learned to program in C and later C#/Java, ___ for node developers isn't what I'm after, especially if it spends a bunch of time talking about static typing or fixed size arrays and such. But if you're going the opposite way as I did, learning the high level and transitioning to the low level, something like that could be very useful indeed.