Trump: The Art of the Comeback

Author: Donald J. Trump, Kate Bohner
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by GeneticsGuy   2019-08-24

Trump literally wrote a book called "The Art of the Comeback" in 1997 and it was all about his > 1 billion in losses, his companies going bankrupt, and how he was able to turn it all around.

In other words, this is fake outrage media played up to be somehow a new revelation when this has never been a secret and has been known for decades. The NYT seems to forget the angle that Trump crashing to the bottom, then being able to turn himself around and pick himself back up to the success he has now is that much more of a powerful story, completely opposite the tone and narrative of the NYT article which is trying to just slander Trump as a bad businessman and they are educating his followers that he doesn't have a perfect business track record.

Such high quality journalism there, NYT.

by anigava   2019-08-24

He wrote a book about his losses in the 90s called "the art of the comeback"

Trump: The Art of the Comeback

by lawless68   2019-08-24

He even wrote a book about it!! Welcome to history my sloow leftists-

Trump: The Art of the Comeback

Six years ago real estate developer Trump (Trump: The Art of the Deal, LJ 2/15/88) was several billion dollars in debt, owing in part, he says, to his complacency and the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Now, thanks to some skillful negotiating, hard work, and luck, he says he is back. Trump's goal for this third book is to provide "inspiration" for almost anyone, and some of his top-ten comeback tips are to play golf, stay focused, be paranoid, get even, and always have a prenuptial agreement.