The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements

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Author: Kevin B. MacDonald
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by lostvoicescallingout   2019-07-21

I highly recommend that you invest in a copy of Culture of Critique.



I recommend getting a physical copy because it's quite a hefty volume and my copy is quite dog-eared.

by turd_word_trudeau   2019-07-21

"the only country"... You get that Canada, America, Australia, and every European country allowed the same thing, right? Read these two books and try to figure out what the common denominator is:

by AnonDidNothingWrong   2019-07-21

I already told you the links are in the description. You're disingenuous, as always.

>Kevin MacDonald's direct reply to Peterson:

>Religious composition of Congress:

>Jewish overrepresentation in Media:

>Jewish overrepresentation in Universities:

>Intellectual exclusion:

>Richard Lynn's book on Jewish Intelligence and Achievement:

>Figures about IQ for various peoples come mostly from Richard Lynn's other works such as:

"IQ and the Wealth of Nations"

"Race Differences in Intelligence"

"IQ & Global Inequality"

>Kevin MacDonald's “Culture of Critique”:

>The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906:

>1860 Slave Ownership census:

>Damage assessment of Jonathan Pollard:

>Pollard's quotes come from Wolf Blitzer's book "Territory of Lies: The Exclusive Story of Jonathan Jay Pollard"

>Facts on foreign aid to Israel:

>Facts on foreign aid to Central America:

>Racial demographics of voting in 2018:

>Nathan Cofnas' paper:

>Joel Stein's piece in the LA Times with Abe Foxman:

>Jan Biro's paper on Jewish overrepresentation in Nobel Laureates:

>Facts about Tsar Nicholas I come from Wikipedia and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together. There is not a full English translation, so I pulled from a French version and a partial English.

>Study seeking to promote diverse pairings in dating:

>Studies criticizing Franz Boas:'s_Immigrant_Study_in_Modern_Perspective

>The correlation between IQ and Latitude has been supported by the work of Helmuth Nyborg. You can watch a video presentation of it here:

>David Reich's article in the NYT:

>David Francis "Russia From the American Embassy":

>Frank Britton's "Behind Communism":

>English translation of Practical Idealism:

>John Dietrich's "The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American Postwar Policy":

>"Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review":

>Nathan Abrams paper on the Jewish role in pornography:

>Kotaku article on Bioshock's Jewish roots:

>"You Gentiles" by Maurice Samuel:

>Stephen Steinlight's article "The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography":

by TryhardPantiesON   2018-11-10

This whole comment reads like textbook Jewish Internet Defence Force guide to disinformation.

> Russia would love for you to think this.

Of course, load the scapegoat.

> There is absolutely no evidence of Israeli election interference. They may have lobbied and used that kind of influence, but there has been no evidence of any kind of campaign at anything like the scale of what Russia did.

Lobbying might be legal in the US but lobbying does indeed influence elections, at the very least it influences the policies and decisions politicians.

> Chomsky is making this up.

The best way to show something is false, is to disprove it, can you disprove that Israel doesn't influence, interfere in American elections and politics? I think not, but I would like to see you try.

> All the people here saying he is right... they are from the right.

Oh yeah, everybody who believes something different than you must belong to a particular political group/ideology.

> And again, that is exactly why Russia (and the Right) would love for you to think this baseless claim.

How convenient.

Forgot to add.

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements

Let me guess, now you are gonna call me or anyone who sees Israeli interference in American politics, Anti Semites?

by thirdparty4life   2018-11-10

Why do I keep reading these threads lol

" Since I haven't seen you mention it yet I will post it just in case you are unaware.

The Culture of Critique will provide you with a deeper understanding of why there is a jewish question and the role they have played in "destroying" the west and how their group identity has undermined the entire principle of individualism. Striving for individualism is weak in the face of a strong, highly intelligent group set on maintaining their group identity and their hegemony on the west. Further reading if you are interested .

Jordan Peterson refuses to discuss the JQ (Jewish Question) in any great detail. It's one area where you cannot respect his intellectual honesty and openness."

R/ JBP going full anti semite

by Vigte   2018-11-10

Behold a Pale Horse and Culture of Critique

Edit: Would she play video games?

Edit edit: What about watching a good movie together? I have tons of suggestions.

by mnemosyne-0002   2018-03-19

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by kaptain_carbon   2018-03-19

Most Deserving Hyped Album or Band of 2017

>Tomb Mold. Its really popular here and I saw them at a brewery on a loading dock and it was awesome.

> Power Trip - Its fun. Not amazing but really good.

Least Deserving Hyped Album or Band of 2017

> Pallbearer. Guys come on.

Easiest pick for instant metal cred

> Tomb Mold / Power Trip

Album you listened to the most (for whatever reason) but will never appear on your list

>Enslaved - E

Album/EP/Demo/Release you didn't expect to like anywhere near as much as you did

> VINTERSORG – Till Fjälls, Del II (2017)

Worst Thread

>So the mods have a running thread of all removed, bounded, and incenerated threads some known to the community, some autoremoved. Here are the titles of the first 10 or so.

  1. If Metal existed in 1916, this would be of it's best.

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>But the real winner of this year is that thread when Arghoslent - Flogging The Cargo was posted and there was a shred of patience by the community that it was not racebait and then it took a few minutes for the OP and some other outsiders to come in and start linking things like this and then they all had a racial meltdown.

Best Thread

>when this made it outside of this sub and gave everyone a dork heart attack. Nerds.

Best Joke or User Exchange

>Everyone remembering and continuing the Budgie joke.

Best New User

>Not really a new user biut /u/MountainOfBlood has been killing it with AMAs and helping out with something that is brining more bands here.

One wish for r/metal in 2018

> That we don't have Napalm Death's Nazi Punks Fuck Off posted in 2018.

Best AMA


Best Album of the Week

>Quartz - Quartz (1977) -- 40th Anniversary

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