Le bluff technologique: Préface de Jean-Luc Porquet (Pluriel) (French Edition)

Author: Jacques Ellul


by paganel   2022-09-22
Maybe not what the OP wanted to read but the book(s) that have had the most lasting impact on my career these past few years were some of Ellul's books, such as Le bluff technologique [1], which book builds on his entire career of writing about tech's effects on our life and our modern society.

It has "disenchanted" a lot of the tech-related stuff for me, and it has disenchanted most of our industry, for that matter (I'm a computer programmer, forgot to mention that). Still doing my small thing, getting my salary doing honest work, work which, hopefully, doesn't send anyone to prison nor enables some genocide half-away around the globe, so there's that.

[1] https://www.amazon.com/le-bluff-technologique/dp/2818502276